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There might be other players out who are more talented than you, there might be other players who are smarter than you… but they will NOT outwork you. To be the best, you must DO more than anyone else….

It’s All In The Work

Motivational tennis is a simple and basic concept, it’s all about who’s willing to hustle the most! You must put in more energy, more effort, more work than anyone else if you want to be a Champion.

You just need to do a little bit more than anyone else. Train like it’s your life, get up early, get the grind in, if they do 2 hours, make sure you do 3 hours. It’s the process of the grind that shapes you, not the game. The game is won before you even step onto the court for the match.

The “real grind” is in the dark, when nobody sees you! It’s when nobody knows what you are doing, when you study without the coach. You put in the extra “reps” when nobody is looking, watching the videos and learning, mastering the game, getting in the zone. This is what defines a Champion. So this is what motivational tennis is all about.

Motivational Tennis Is All About Discipline

It’s all about:-

  • what time you wake up
  • what you eat
  • how you work out
  • how you prepare
  • how you think
  • what extra you do above everyone else

If you want to be the best, you have to be in it! You have to be doing it NOT talking about it!


What separates YOU from everyone else is




What Are Your Motivational Tennis Techniques?

How do you approach your training? What techniques do you deploy to “max out”? What kind of food do you eat when training for tournaments? Which tennis clothes do your prefer for tournaments? Feel free to share your thoughts in our Comments section below. Send photos and videos to WhatsApp +44 7849 502790 or email at

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